Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Cautionary Song

A Cautionary Song
by Winlar

As you go through your life my son,
Some things you shouldn’t do
Remember this advice my love
You’ll always find it true
Don’t ever lie or steal or cheat
Don’t be late for work
Don’t be slothful, Don’t be vengeful
Don’t act like a jerk
Don’t forget to look out for those folks who have the least
And don’t get stuck intractably
In two-thousand year religious wars
In the Middle East

Don’t forget your table manners Do not slurp your stew
Don’t forget to comport yourself, like you’ve got a frickin’ clue
Don’t eat at the table like swine feed at the pig-trough
And don’t fight a two front war, even Hitler couldn’t pull that shit off
Remember this and you will be the hit at every feast
And don’t get stuck intractably
In two-thousand year religious wars
in the Middle East

Make sure you’re kind to everyone Make sure you always share
Make sure you never leave the house without clean underwear
Make sure to keep things tidy, if you can’t keep them immaculate
And make damned sure your WMD intel is accurate.
Don’t look in the mouth when you get a new gift horse
Don’t try to form democracies with Military force
Don’t speak until your spoken don’t let good sense go astray
And land wars in Asia. Everyone knows that cliché’

But if you heed just one thing
Let me say last, but not least
Don’t get stuck intractably
In two-thousand year old religious wars
in the Middle East

Dumb ass


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Someone Impeach These Liars

Thanks to everyone who came out to my show this week. Here's the song that everyone is talking about. Lyrics provided below. Sing along!

Someone Impeach These Liars
By Winlar™
Jessica Lynch, Abu grab
Brownie’s doin’ a hekva job
Homeless vets, National debt, Harriet Myers
Signing statements, Free speech zones
Wire tapping US phones
Black Box, Sam Fox
US attorneys fired
Shredding all the torture tapes
Covering up Blackwater rapes
Yellow cake, turned out fake, Guantanamo
NSA’s call database
Cheney shooting someone’s face
Lincoln group, S’port our troops
Gonzalez, Alberto

Someone impeach these liars!
The nation’s burning and my stomach’s churning
Someone impeach these liars
This is such a fright that we’ve just got to fight it.
Bin laden set to hit US
Covering up Pat Tillman’s death
Walter Reid, Corporate Greed, Patriot act
Medal of freedom rewarding
Ari Fleisher, waterboarding
Downing street, redact, delete
No bid contracts
Energy task force
Tax cuts for the rich of course
Swift boats, Florida vote, Giving Sunnis guns
Abstinence education
Bugs in the United Nations
Bush-Blair, Plame affair, Haliburton

Bad Intel, Bechtel, Buffalo sleeper cells
Clear skies, Dubai, Habeus Corpus denied.
Smart bombs, Bagram, Tying Al Qaeda to Sadaam,
Global warming, SoCal scorchers
Torture torture torture torture

Condom-less AIDS prevention
Permanent detention
Bolton’s mustache, Achmed Chalabi
Smoking guns, push polls
Healthy forests, Clean coal
John McCain, Stealth campaign


New Orleans, down the drain
While we fought Sadaam Hussein
Little fibbies, Scooter Libby, Milking Schiavo’s plight
Rumsfeld as our wartime planner
Mission accomplished banner
White lies, black sites
Trampling on the bill of rights
All that Jack Abramoff junk
George Tenet, slam dunk
Tom Delay, CIA, what else do I have to say?


Blew off nine-elev commission
Extraordin’ry rendition
Dirty Bombs, World Com, Kenny boy and Enron
Claiming that you talk to god and
Still haven’t found bin Laden?
Darfur, Pakistan
Forgotten war: Afghanistan
Increased Coal plant mercury
Order 13233
Bremmer walls, free for alls,
Lyndie England takes the fall
Misled us about Iran
Man this list goes on and on
Stole election from Al Gore, I can’t take it anymore!!

Someone impeach these liars
The nation’s burning and my stomach’s churning
Someone impeach these liars
Until they’re gone it will go on and on and on and on…

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reality Check

Hey, this just in! A little snippet from my new show! Love, Politics and Love. Very well received this past weekend. (Thanks to all who came out!) One more weekend to come! March 14th and 15th at 8pm Jewel Box theater at the Rendezvous in Belltown. See you there!

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