Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Way of the Draining Lizard

Blast from the past time! Out of the blue, I've been sent an mp3 file of The Way of the Draining Lizard sketch that I wrote for NPR's Rewind. I put it up on my reverbnation site, and now clicking on the title of this post should take you there. (You have to hit the play button I think.)
PS. Thanks Frank!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Professional Info for Winlar, writer for hire


“Hilarious. Amazing! Grade A.”

-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Pee-in-your-pants fun”

-Seattle Weekly

“Unusually strong comedy—Witty, wise & weird.”

-Seattle Times

“Kazoo! is sketch comedy Nirvana.”

-Seattle Weekly

WINNER: Best of Seattle Fringe Festival

SELECTED: Vancouver Int’l Comedy Fest, Foolproof Comedy Fest, Bumbershoot

Solo Shows (Written and performed)

Winlar! Not Safe For Work (Sept 24th 2010)

Break-up Songs for Valentine’s Day (Feb. 2010)

Winlar’08: Making Things Worse (Sept. 2008)

Love, Politics, and Love (March 2008)

Nothing Controversial: Just Religion, Politics and How to Raise Your Children (June 2007)

Winlar Live! (Nov. 2006)

Sketch Comedy Extravaganzas (Writer, Producer and Performer)

Kazoo! Mostly Erect (May 2006)

The Gospel According to Kazoo! (Sept. 2005)

Kazoo! in Concert! (July 2005)

Kazoo! For Love and Money (March 2004)

The Kazoo! Bible (Sept 2003)

Kazoo! 7 (Sept 2001)

Kazoo! 6 (March 2001)

Kazoo! 5 (March 2000)

Kazoo! 4 (March 1999)

Kazoo! 3-D (Summer 1998)

Kazoo! 2: The New Kazoo! Review (March 1998)

Kazoo! (March 1997)

Radio and Television Experience

NPR’s “Rewind with Bill Radke” Freelance Writer 1999-2002

KIRO TV’s “John Report with Bob” Writer, Performer 2000-2001

KING 5 TV’s “Almost Live” Staff Writer/Performer 1999

KBCS 91.3FM Radio Show Host 1999-2000

Contact info:

Brian “Winlar” Wennerlind

13020 6th Pl SW

Burien WA 98146


206.972.3396 cell

See also:

CD’s and DVD’s available on request

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Ove Song

D Dsus2 A
I went to pen a song for you but I accidentay
D Dsus2 A
Knocked my cup of coffee over and spied iquid on the keys
My aptop was totay fried but eventuy it mosty got better
And now it functions reasonabby fine with the exception of one important etter
D Dsus2
As for how my songwriting went
Obviousy not to we
D Dsus2 A
I tried to write you a ove song but my typewriter doesn’t have a
D Dsus2

It’s a most pequeiar probem I gotta talk with my computer wiz
I can’t even type the etter that I can’t type to te you what the etter even is
You can see it's causin' me endess troube and strife
I can't say how you’re my uscious itte ady who’s the ever ovin’ ight of my ife
There are otsa otsa otsa ines that I’m not sure that I ever get to te
I wanna write you a ove song but my typewriter doesn’t have a…

Tra a a a a a a a ah.
Tha a a a a a a a ah

C’mon. Sing a ong. A of you!
Now just the gentemen! Now just the adies!
Now a together!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Facebook Whore


You asked me for your friendship


And since I think I’ve earned it


I went as far as logging in


And clicking to confirm it

Gmin Dmin

But then I saw your list of so-called friends on your profile

Gmin Dmin

The list you have of cyberpals


Went on for miles and miles


I suspected you a phony


But now I am quite sure


I thought you were my special friend


(Pause) But you’re just another facebook whore!


Facebook whore


I thought that you were special but turns out


You’re just another facebook whore

You’ve got ten thousand facebook friends

But it’s all just a show

I’m certain more than half of them

You barely even know

I can’t believe you take online

Relationships so gratis

Do you ever do anything else but update your fucking status?

I have to say I find your online etiquette quite poor

No I won’t sign your online petition

‘cause you’re just another facebook whore



Gmin Dmin

I don’t want you to poke me

Don’t write on my wall

Don’t send me little gifts

You do know those aren’t gifts at all

Don’t tag me in your pictures

Don’t ask to be a fan

Don’t ask me to take an online quiz


To see what Twilight character I am


View quiz, I don’t think so, no


Just watch me click ignore


You’re a livingsocial disease and you’re just another facebook whore

So now I am unfriending you

I’m gonna hide your face

No more do I want to see you

slutting up my space

I’ve had it with your links and likes

and all your facebook litter

From now I’ll only follow you

on youtube, I.M., linkedin and twitter

And no I do not want to join you

To play mafia wars

So take your invitation back because You’re just another facebook whore

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Winlar: break-up Songs for Valentine's Day

Hey folks! Sorry for the late notice on this, but there's a big show this weekend! The ultimate fun date! Here's the skinny:

Winlar: Break-up Songs for Valentines Day Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Winlar, Former writer for Almost Live, NPR’s Rewind, The John Report w/ Bob and leader of the award winning sketch comedy group Kazoo! breaks down relationships from pick-up to parenthood and gives his irreverent take on love, marriage, children and other dating hazards with hilarious songs, jocular diatribes and stupid human tricks in a must see show for singles and married folks alike.(sorry, must be 21 or older to attend.)

It's at the Jewel Box theater at the Rendezvous in Belltown

Hope to see you all there!
Contact Winlar