Friday, June 15, 2007


Here's a song I wrote that isn't yet in musical form, and thus got cut from my last show. Not sure what to do with it, so I thought I'd blog it. Enjoy.


By Winlar + GT

Someday Mr. President, we’ll solve things without war
Someday we’ll have a man in charge who knows what power is for
Someday our head of state won’t use the politics of fear
Someday he’ll say the truth. Someday he’ll be sincere
Someday when faced with crisis he’ll be able to stay calm
Someday he’ll find solutions and not blithely rush to bombs
Someday we’ll have a leader who can really think things through
Someday will be wondrous
But someday isn’t you

Someday Mr. Rove, our elections will be free
And strategists won’t scare the shit out of their constituency
Someday to tell the truth our candidates will take great pains
Someday we’ll be beyond attack ads and whisper campaigns
Someday we’ll put sheer competence above blind loyalty
Someday we’ll fix the harm you’ve done to our democracy
Someday we’ll have an antidote to the poison that you brew
Someday will be wondrous
But someday isn’t you

Someday Alberto, we will see that torture doesn’t work
We’ll see it’s just failed policy of cold sadistic jerks
Someday Habeas Corpus and Jurisprudence won’t be banned
As latin 101 terms that you do not understand
Someday we’ll know our constitution as a wondrous plan
Whose rights should protect everyone, not just Americans
Someday someone will mete out Justice with hands fair and true
Someday will be wondrous
But someday isn’t you

Someday our leaders will be folks of whom we’re not ashamed
Folks who show morality in deed and not just name
Someday our wealth and freedom will belong to one and all
And not just to the members of a foul elite cabal
Someday we'll live to our ideals. Someday. But ‘til then
I guess we must be governed by these fearful, greedy men
Someday we will mend the pain they’ve caused our nation through and through
Someday will be wondrous.
But someday isn’t you.

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