Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Which One's Next?

Which One’s Next?
By Winlar™ + GT

Mark Foley, then Ted Haggard
Now Idaho’s Larry Craig
It’s hard to tell some conservatives from
Dogs humping your leg
It’s such a nasty party
With so darn much back stabbin’
I wonder what all’s goin’ on
Behind the doors of their log cabin?

Which republican’s next to be gay?
Which republican’s next to be gay?
Which one’s gonna end his career in a most embarrassing way?
Which republican’s next to be gay?
Which republican’s next to be gay?
Come on folks, it’s time to play
Which republican’s next to be gay?

Will Tom Delay
Be found out gay?
That would cause derision
A whisper campaig
Says it’s John McCain
He was in that Vietnamese prison

Does Thompson, Fred
Give strange men head
In an airport bathroom stall?
Who’s in the sack
With Sam Brownback?
That name just says it all


If it’s Huckabee
That’d be irony
He’s so against gays marryin’
I could see Ron Paul
In a free for all

He’s very libertarian!

Gingrich, Newt
Thinks boys are cute
He’s just a big old bear
Romney, Mitt

Does nasty shit
In his Mormon underwear


I think all their gay bashing
Gets them worked up as hell
Perhaps the party’s motto
Oughtta be don’t ask don’t tell
Those red state togs and colors
And all those who don
You really never know these days
So don’t turn your back on ‘em!

Hides the salami
With several foreign powers
Mr. Nine-eleven
Just gets revvin’
Thinkin' 'bout twin towers

Orrin Hatch
Would outlaw snatch
If he could get a quorum
And he doesn’t crave dick
As bad as Rick
“My name means lube” Santorum


Such girly men
All of them
In that tent they keep so small
This ain’t too nice
But Condy Rice
Is the manliest of them all

All of them this year
Seem very queer
When shove comes down to push
I think they’re all gay
Look at the way
They’re staying away from Bush!


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