Friday, March 29, 2013

Thought I'd Caught the Easter Bunny...

Here's a little song I wrote an Easter or two ago.  Safe for work and kids and all.  Why not spread the Easter cheer herein by liking it and making it viral?
Happy Easter,

It’s a well-known fact at Easter
That I need not repeat
That if you catch the Easter Bunny
He’ll give you all the chocolate eggs you can eat!

So every year I set up traps
All around my yard
To catch that sneaky cottontail
You wouldn't think it’d be that hard...

And this year I thought I had him!
Right there in my trap!
But on investigation
I’m afraid he beat the rap

Every springtime the same thing
So frustrating dagnabbit
I thought I caught the Easter Bunny
But it was just some other talking rabbit

Man, this year I was so sure
That I had the right guy
How many rabbits could there be
Who wear a suit and tie?

Who also just so happen to be
Out on Easter’s eve?
But it turned out it wasn’t him
It was just some bunny named Steve

I really really thought this time
That I finally had it
I thought I’d caught the Easter bunny
But it was just some other talking rabbit

Br.So I let him go
He’s just some schmo
No lagomorphic prince
Why is it that I never catch hide nor
hare of consequence?

It looked a whole lot like him though
That there’s no denying
It seems absurd, but he gave his word
You don't suppose he could have been lying?

So my dream of a lifetime egg supply
This year is done
because I stink at Rabbit
Identification 101

The whole sordid adventure
Reminds me of that day
when I swore I saw Santa Claus
But it was just some random flying sleigh.

Here's hoping all these near misses
Don’t become a habit
I thought I’d caught the Easter Bunny
But it was just some other talking rabbit

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