Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CDs and DVDs for sale! Just .0003% of your yearly income!

Hey fans,
CD's and DVD's best of all INSTANT DOWNLOADS of my shows are now available!  www.winlar.bandcamp.com

The price? A mere .0003% of your yearly income! That's three ten-thousandths of a percent, of your gross yearly income!
Yes, I'm pricing them fairly on a sliding scale. If you make the median U.S. income (around $50,000) then your price is a mere $15. Make less? Pay less! Make more? Pay more! (If Bill Gates buys just one, I'm set for the year!)
This way I can provide access to my comedy to all at a mathematically fair price.  The teacher, the custodian, the fast food chef, and the hedge fund manager. Everyone gets a fair chance to laugh at my egalitarian humor.

Not going to check your IRS records, so we're on the honor system here, but just determine the price by multiplying your yearly salary by .0003 (I know, I studied math in America too. It's hard. But you can do this! Just use a calculator) And that's the amount you should send. Or just pay what you think fair. Nobody's judging. Except me. And I'll judge. Boy, will I judge...

It's also optional to you whether you want me to write the price you paid on the item itself.  Use it as a status symbol, or keep your financial situation a secret. Up to you. I'm totally cool with it.

To order instant downloads just click here: 
Sample and download to your heart's content. So easy! (You can even send one as a gift to someone else, all at the click of a mouse!)

To order CD's or DVD's send an email to winlar@gmail.com with the title(s) you want, CD or DVD, (or both) and how much you're saying .0003% of your yearly income is! (Total trust exercise. Don't let me down humanity!)
Include your address and I'll ship them out for free, and you can mail me a check (remember checks?) for payment. Easy as 1,2, 3 multiplied by .0003.

Shows available for purchase:
Winlar! Father of the Year
Winlar! Sayin' Stuff
Winlar! Dirty Songs for Drunk People!
Winlar! Whatever I feel like talking about!
Winlar! Live!
Winlar! Nothing Controversial, Just Sex, Politics and how to raise your children

And more!

Great Christmas items! (Bet nobody else gets your friend a Winlar CD!) Autographs available on request. (Not from me, but I'm sure I can get somebody to autograph it. My friend Gordie maybe?)

Here's some sample video from Winlar! Father of the Year!:
Plus, there's more on YouTube:

Thanks for your order!
(This is how I'm trying to feed my family now, so it's much, much appreciated)


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