Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hungover in Heaven

Hung Over in Heaven
By Winlar + GT

Asus D
I been after you girl for so long now
Asus D
And last night I got you, still not sure how
I know we went out and we had a few drinks
And what happened next, well I just can’t think

But now I’ve awakened and right here you are
Still smelling a bit like the floor of the bar
I see that we’ve slept in ‘til well past eleven
A (then tacit)
It’s like I’m hung-over in heaven

I’ve dreamed of this night, and of this morning
I wasn’t prepared though as my only warning
Was when you were dancing to show off your charms
And fell off of the table and into my arms

Then we staggered up my stairs and down the hall
Driven by love, fate, and grain alcohol
Hearts heads and stomachs so furiously revvin’
It’s like I’m hung-over in heaven

If there’d been other bars not just yet closed
Then maybe to my place you were not disposed
I’d tried so before, but was always rebuked
Then you let me hold your hair back while you puked (Ahhhh)

Asus D
And finally you came to me that perfect night
Asus D
You got my name wrong but the rest was so right
Why baby why d’you keep calling me “Kevin?”
It’s like I’m hung-over in heaven

So baby, let’s just lie in bed all the day
Now that you’ve finally proof I’m not gay
I’ll make you breakfast, an omelet and bacon
As my little thank you for love we’ve been makin’

Let’s stay here at my place, away from other men
And drink, baby, drink ‘til you love me again
Straight shots to our hearts. About 27
Let’s not get sober in heaven

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