Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nicotine Penis

Nicotine Penis
by Winlar & GT

I keep breaking up with you, boy
Can’t stand you one bit, but you’re so hard to quit
Each time we break up, yeah, it’s a safe bet
You’ll be back in my mouth like a cheap cigarette

Seems nothing can come between us
‘Cause you’ve got a nicotine penis
Each time I’m with you it leaves me so sad
Foul taste in my mouth and my breath it smells bad

But all of my plans to leave you Jack-o
They go up in smoke like so much tobacco
I try to stay away, I try to not date
But I get real, real cranky and gain lots of weight


I’ve got to find another way

I’m into you three packs a day
This has gone way too far
After all a cigar is just a cigar
Just a cigar…

Even though you’re no great romancer
Your love eats away at my heart like a cancer
I’m like a victim in some sad fable
Love ought to come with a warning label


So it’s no use, from good sense I’m evicted
Come to me, baby, I’m full on addicted
I’m all yours baby, please do not shun me
Take me away to flavor country


Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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