Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not as Think as you Drunk I am

Not as Think as you Drunk I am
By Winlar™ and GT

It’s been a wonderful party
And now things are windin’ down
But I can see what you’re up to gal
Yeah I’m a been who’s guyed around

You think I’m just a little slit boshed
And you can have your way with me!!
But I got a surprise for you there babe
As you shall soon see


I’m not as think as you drunk I am
I ain’t beer that much had
I can still straight up tall and stand
No, I ain’t tooin’ do bad!
I’m still thinking bell as a clear
I’m just as tack as a sharp my dear.
So don’t you natronprize me there ma’am
I’m not as think as you drunk I am

I’m not so confused
It’s all a clever ruse
And since I can’t seem to keys my place
Why don’t we make out?
You’ll see it’s just a fake-out
I ain’t even close to fit-shaced.

I know you’re getting all worked up
Listnin’ to my silophosie
You’re thinking, “man, he can hold his liquor
Gosh I wish he was holding me!”
How can a man put ‘em back like I do
And not get remotely ripped
I can drink all the booze I want
If I just take tiny sips


(Bridge 2)
Oh, I may speak queerly
But I can see clearly
Through my whatsome intoxicated eyes
Please don’t demean this
I really really mean this
When I say I really love you guys.
No. No. I REALLY love you guys

I’ve seen the way that I look at you
Your eyes literally shout it
You think that I’m in the state I’m in
And you might do someone adoubt it
You think I’m she treats to the wind
And tonight just might be your night
Well I got sad news for you there babe!
…you’re probably right…

(Yeah, you’re probably right…)


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