Monday, October 13, 2008

Are You Really?

Sorry 'bout the low quality video, but we're going on the fly these days. Here's a little song I wrote for those who are buying the latest Republican line, asking that musical question. (Lyrics below)

So you’re worried ‘bout Obama
Because of Bill Ayers
Combine that with fist bumps
And his lapel pin and you’re really scared

Well your vote is your choice
So do what you must do
But first if you don’t mind if I’d like to ask
One question of you

Are you really that Stupid
Are you really that daft?
Can you actually function
With your head
So far up your ass?
Is your life’s only purpose
To turn food into poop? It
Really pains me that I have to ask
Are you really that stupid?

You know the country has problems
The economy’s ailin’
And you can see none of them can be solved
By Sarah Palin

But you’ve heard that “That One”
Is a dangerous guy
At least that’s what John McCain says
And why would he lie?


I know you want cheaper college
And taxes cut just a tweak?
And I know you want to end this war that’s costing
2 billion a week

And I know you want health care
For all sick and lame
But you'll just forgo all that
Cuz' you're scared of some guy's middle name


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