Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God Bless Our Constitution

God Bless Our Constitution
(It’s worth giving up freedom for)
By Winlar

F Bflat
God bless our Founding fathers for a contract they did sign
Which put our rights and freedoms right there on the dotted line
It’s called a constitution and God knows what it’s about
But it’s something that we cherish here there isn’t any doubt

But in 2001 the document came under fire
Some sick and twisted terrorists to steal it did aspire
And tragic’ly the parchment that the thing was written on
Was not designed to shield us from Al Qaeda’s dirty bombs

Bflat F
So let’s keep this thing safe, let’s lock it up behind closed doors
God bless our constitution
It’s worth giving up freedom for!

What makes this land so great? Why it’s a wondrous document
Which gives full-unchecked power over us to government
But now the creed’s under attack. By Terrorists thieves and knaves it’s
Clear we must destroy the document, if only but to save it

Damned if we’ll let Terrorists have rights we so adore
God bless our constitution
It’s worth giving up freedom for

You know those wacky terrorists
Have such amazing talentses
The hide ever so cleverly
Behind our checks and balances
So do not stop to read it
Like some intellectual dorkus
Or they’ll jump right out and stab you
Right there in your Habeas Corpus!

It’s a wonderful ol’ document, just not when we’re at war
God bless our constitution
It’s worth giving up freedom for.

So come on folks, we're mired in this fearsome fight of fights
And we cannot be encumbered by some weighty Bill of Rights
So let's safeguard our principles where they'll be far from woe
Let's lock that constitution up safe in Guantanamo!

It’s got sentimental value that we don’t use anymore
God Bless our constitution
It’s worth giving up freedom for

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